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Kactis 4 Kancer

Kactis 4 Kancer was started in 2009 in response to the loss of our wonderful wife, stepmother, sister, daughter and friend Kimberly Eades.

Although paralized from the waist down at age 17 and getting around in a wheelchair, she beamed an aura of happiness that brought joy to everyone she knew. Her handicap never slowed her down. Many friends described the feeling that her “wheelchair would disappear” as you spoke, danced, and spent time with her.

Kimberly’s activism in environmental, social, and engineering organizations has been an inspiration to Kactis 4 Kancer – keep on moving forward & never give up.

Diagnosed with kidney Cancer at age 40, she fell victim to the illness in only 3 months. Her loss made us determined to help stop this suffering for others.

Kactis 4 KancerA group of locals got together on our street to form this organization over three years ago. We meet often and work together to find the best ways to benefit cancer research. We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way, as we’re sure you have been too. We’re fighting back. You are welcome to join us, we meet in Oceanside, CA. Please visit our Volunteers page to sign up.